Did you know Lincoln Park was a military base in Canada where they experimented & tortured children for a top-secret CIA project called MK Ultra??? 🤔

Did you know Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, struggled his whole life with trauma and depression from the sexual abuse he experienced as a child??? Did you know Chester “never knew” who his father was??? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park’s brand logo symbolizes the destruction of the spiraling triangle symbol used by pedophiles??? 🤔

Did you know that John Podesta, Clinton’s Chief of Staff, exposed for #pizzagate #PodestaEmails, is allegedly the father of Chester Bennington? 🤔

Did you know that Linkin Park received a grant from the Clinton Foundation during Podesta’s time as Chairman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign??? 🤔

Did you know that Chester Bennington and his best friend Chris Cornell went public about Bennington’s sexual abuse? And their foundation focused on protecting kids from sexual abuse? 🤔

Did you know that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were both pronounced dead by suicided (murdered) within 2 months apart from each other??? 🤔 May 2017 & July 2017. Less than a year after pizzagate was a trending topic & the two best friends planned to expose the pedophilia and abuse within Hollywood and D.C.

Connect the dots. The corruption & crimes against humanity happening within our country are greater than you could possibly imagine. RIP Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell 🙏🏼 We will keep fighting for you. I will keep fighting for you.