Earthwalk-USA originated in 1987 as a basic holistic health resource site. It expanded in 1995 to include podcasts and alternative health commentary, many from a Native American perspective. In 2007 it evolved to a more detailed political site connecting all things global to our individual health of mind, body, and spirit.

From the home page, you can explore more than 190 podcasts dealing with politics, health, alternative health, and general commentary on global culture. The services page has some specific podcasts as a resource.

You can also find more than 20 books written by Dr. Gangi on Amazon, many on Audible. Books are in multiple genres and include historical fiction (Mary Jemison-The True Story), Holistic Health (Forget the Cures, Find the Cause books 1 and 2), non-fiction political (America, It Was Just an Idea), Christmas stories and children's books dealing with nature.

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